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Kinematic and Dynamic Simulation
of Multibody Systems:
The Real-Time challenge

Javier García de Jalón and Eduardo Bayo
ISBN 0-387-94096-0, 440 pp.
Springer-Verlag, New-York, 1994

This book has helped hundreds of engineers all around the world in the process of learning Multibody Dynamics. It covers the most important topics, and it is very clear and concise.

The book is now entirely available for free download in pdf format. The first files are more appropriate for a screen visualization, and the second ones are more appropiate to be printed.

Screen version:
CoversPrefaceContents.pdf, Chapter01.pdf, Chapter02.pdf, Chapter03.pdf, Chapter04.pdf, Chapter05.pdf, Chapter06.pdf, Chapter07.pdf, Chapter08.pdf, Chapter09.pdf, Chapter10.pdf, Chapter11.pdf, Chapter12.pdf 

Print version (two pages per sheet):
CoversPrefaceContentsPrint2.pdf, Chapter01Print2.pdf, Chapter02Print2.pdf, Chapter03Print2.pdf, Chapter04Print2.pdf, Chapter05Print2.pdf, Chapter06Print2.pdf, Chapter07Print2.pdf, Chapter08Print2.pdf, Chapter09Print2.pdf, Chapter10Print2.pdf, Chapter11Print2.pdf, Chapter12Print2.pdf

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